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What do we do in counselling?

Our sessions together will consist primarily of having conversations. In the first session(s), I will be asking questions to understand your wants and needs in counselling. My approach is collaborative, so together, we will discover what ways of working resonate with you. Everyone works differently; For example, some individuals like to have writing tasks to work on between sessions. Some individuals want to do grounding and mindfulness exercises in our sessions. We will check in frequently to assess if the structure of our sessions is working for you.   


What can I expect at my first appointment?

Attending your first counselling session or a session with a new counsellor can be intimidating. The first session is a general intake, focused on getting to know you and what you hope to get out of the therapy process. It is also a time to ask questions about the process. While counselling sessions are your space to share anything you feel you need to, there is no expectation for you to share any past painful experiences until you are ready.


What are the Benefits and Risks of Therapy


Most people engaging in therapy achieve beneficial results. Through therapy, you may understand the assumptions you hold about yourself and the world around you through therapy. 

You may gain insight into your goals and values and develop skills to help you achieve those goals. Counselling can become the setting where you are free to explore and analyze the effects of past experiences on you today. Some people are surprised to achieve positive changes and insights that were not expected or planned.

Therapy does, however, have potential risks. Treatment takes time and requires you to rehash and re-experience events in your life that may cause you discomfort and evoke strong emotions. The ultimate goal of therapy is to set you free of symptoms so you can be aware and experience your life to its full potential. It is a process of self-exploration and growth. This requires change, and all change can be effortful, scary, and disruptive to current conditions.

Thus, you may find that therapy will make you feel worse before you feel better. These possibilities must be considered before you decide to engage in therapy. However, if you choose to move forward, we will work together to manifest the therapy goals in the best way possible.




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